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Hoowee - Plot-Hole PLOT-HOLE

Altered Being: Hoowee

Belonging to a strange creature known only as 'Hoowee',
the Plot-Hole alter seems rather unobtrusive and would,
in most cases not recieve a second thought when
compared to some of the more awe inspiring alters other
alter users display.
Appearing as a single floating disk measuring about two
meters across and at best guess, 5 cm high the true
power of the plot-hole is incredibly dangerous as, when
activated, it seems to 'alter' the world around it.
People disappear, events that have occured change
sometimes so much that they are no longer recognisable,
limitations are removed, rules are imposed and all this
happens in no logical order nor does Hoowee appear to
be in any control of what does and does not happen.

~Exert from The Book of Alters: Known Alters.