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Competition Details

The competition starts/started on the 21st of October 2002 and will finish on 31st of December 2002, the winner will be announced hopefully on the update a few days later.

1. Draw a Fanart of what your Alter would look like.

2. If you can make a webpage to go with your Alter, explaining what it is, what is does and how you use it.

3. If your Alter is not drawn by you, but someone else, please ask them to email me with their permission's etc.

4. If you can't host your page I might be able to host it for you provided that it isn't too big.

5. Have your Entry in by 31 December 2002 to be considered in the running.

The Prize has not been determined as yet but I have my eye on a few Scryed pieces of merchandise including pencolboards and the fan (which you can see a scan on the merchandise page). Email your Entries and queries to me at

Good luck Everyone!