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Herein lies an indepth study of the known range of Alters populating the land known as 'Lost Ground'.
While the author acknowledges that to colate all Alters in existance into one single study would be well nigh on impossible, she does hope to include a wide range of some of the Alters that are known to the public and perhaps even some that are not.
Truly, the 'Altered' beings that populate the 'Lost Ground' make for an interesting subject on which to base a book and the author wishes to share with you, the esteemed reader, her wonder and interest in a highly sensitive subject.
~ Anonymous.

01. Mirai Eye

The author would like to note that this study is as of this moment, incomplete, and research is still being conducted. If people with inside knowledge of Alters not yet covered within, the author would be grateful to hear from them.