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  14th December 2002

Yikes! Sorry everyone, I haven't updated for awhile. Truth is I have had to take a bit of a break from doing Altered, amongst other things. I'm still here, I haven't been kidnapped or anything. So... This isn't an update really, just more like a quick note to let you all know whats going on... Now.. The competiton date has been put back, till the end of February so everyone don't panic. I should have the prize I wanna get soon. I'll get myself organised soon and put up some entires in the competition. SO keep them coming in or there will be a very grumpy cookie (me). As usual send 'em to

~ Resie

19th November UPDATE DETAILS:

The Book of Alters > Where Hoowee's and my Alters reside.
Competition Entry > The 1st Entry in the Competition
A New Fanart > What more can I say?

Previous Update:

Merchandise Section > New Pencilboard Scan, Transparent card Miaka sent me *hugs*
Desktop > Some new Wallpapers but i wouldn't have a clue which ^^;
Competition Details > Find out how you can win!
Manga Information > Scans of the front & back covers from volumes 1-4.
Miscellaneous > Some catch phrases from Scryed merchandise.

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